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The NBAAC has a scholarship program, which awards successful applicants a one-time extended learning scholarship. This is available to members, their children or grandchildren; however, the member, parents, or grandparents must have a membership in good standing at the time of application. The amount of the scholarship is determined each year at a provincial meeting. The following items must accompany the completed application form:

  • an official record of last year’s marks,
  • a letter and/or recommendation from a teacher, guidance councillor, clergy, or employer; the letter can not be from family member or relative,
  • a one-page resume, which includes your accomplishments in academic, sports, arts, etc., participation in youth groups, work experience, future plans and other pertinent information, and
  • a copy of the letter of acceptance from an accredited institution,
  • a grad or recent photo.

Scholarship cheques will be made payable to the institute and the scholarship recipient.

For more current information on the Gordon Armstrong Memorial Scholarship please contact Helen Petrie 506-382-4536

Click here ( pdf ) to view the English application for the  “Gordon Armstrong Memorial” Scholarship

Cliquer ici ( pdf ) pour afficher la demande française pour la bourse ” Gordon Armstrong Memorial ”