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By Neil Knorr & Anna Stewart, Membership #1285
I found the 1939 Ford Pick-up about eight miles from where I live. I purchased it in 2002 and brought it home and started to check out what would fit for a frame and running gear. I found that a Ford Ranger was real close, so I purchased a Ford Ranger that had a good frame and started to fit the body to it. I set a 302 engine and an automatic overdrive transmission in the frame. I wanted to build the front end to tip so I only had to shorten the frame six inches in the front for the fenders and grille to tip. I had to cut the fenders so the bottom part would stay with the running boards and the rest would all fasten to the hood, grille and front of frame so it would tip all as one. This makes it very easy to access the motor to work on for changing belts, hoses and checking fluids. I worked on this truck a few winters before I had it on the road. I had it finished and ready to go one week before the 2007 tour to Nova Scotia. Anna and I took it on this tour for its first major run and all went well. Then that year we also took the truck to the Jamboree held in the Northeast region and have been using it for events ever since.
My 1936 Ford 5 window coupe I purchased in the mid 90’s and it was in really rough condition. I took it off the frame and installed a Mustang II front end in the original frame and an 8.8 Ford rear end in it and boxed in the frame. Then I installed a SBC engine with a three speed automatic transmission, which I swapped out after a few years, and installed a 700 R4 automatic transmission, which is an overdrive. Then I put the body back on the frame and then I made a few changes to the original style. I installed smoke glass lexon in the roof where the original canvas top went. I also filled in the trunk opening and installed 1939 Ford taillights in the rear fenders and installed a rear seat in the car. It was ready for its first run in 1998. I have taken it on many tour and jamborees since then.
We purchased our 1976 Corvette Stingray 2008 from Murray Oliver, one of our past members, who is now deceased. That winter I did some work on it and give it a new paint job and it was back on the road in 2009.
The 1967 Chevelle SS is Anna’s vehicle and she has had it for some time now. The car has a 396 engine with a 4 speed standard transmission. We have taken this car to the balloon fiesta car shows and to local shows and cruises in the area.
I also have a 1967 Dodge Monaco convertible that I started rebuilding in 1992. I was able to have it ready and on the road in 1993. It was taken on tours and events with the NBAAC and it is now in the process of getting ready to be repainted. I also own a 1951 Pontiac which was my father’s and given to me.