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Needed: Publisher for Wheeltracks

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The club is in need of a Publisher for our quarterly magazine the Wheeltracks.  After 6 years, our current is stepping down so we are in need of a replacement to fill the role.

If interested please contact Sue Morrison, Wheeltracks Editor, details are on our contact page.

Duties of Publisher, Wheeltracks

  1. Receive reports from area reporters, flea market chair, publicity, president, editor, cover story, tours, swap meet, provincial meetings, NAACC report, membership report, Classified Ads.
  2. Maintain records of anniversaries, deaths, special birthdays (make contact with families for photos, check website for deaths that are outside my region) and include with draft.
  3. Prepare draft from all reports received, correcting grammar, spelling, etc. and present in the order that they will be published.
  4. Receive photos, cropping, decide which ones to include, and attach.
  5. Send to proofreaders (Sue Morrison and Bill Jarvis)
  6. Ensure the inside front cover is updated as required.
  7. Ensure inserts are up-to-date (scholarship applications, membership, special tours, etc.
  8.  Once the draft has been sent to Dave Chase, 3 of us recheck and I correct as required.
  9. Depending on timing of documents received I could spend 3-4 days preparing draft, but that’s not 10 hours per day.

You start working as soon as the first email arrives; and it is usually photos.  It’s not just copy and paste; most reports need editing, grammar, spelling, sentence structuring, etc.   You spend a lot of time at the computer 4X a year, and each issue is different.