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NBAAC 2017 Provincial Tour To Cape Breton, NS

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Thanks to Brenda Sullivan for provider the following write up of the 2017 NBAAC Provincial Tour.  Pictures and videos.

We, John Nutter & Brenda Sullivan, would like to thank everyone who joined us on the tour to Cape Breton, NS. It was a lot of work organizing this tour, but we were very happy with everything. We left September 23 and the tour ended October 1, and the weather was wonderful.

The great group of people who joined us on the tour were, Chris & Paula Nason, Brian & Carolyn Smith, Paul & Suzanne Morrison, Hal & Connie Greene, Reno & Lynda Pelletier, Tony & Kim Munn, Gordon & Joyce James, Calvin & Alice Johnson, Ron & Charlene Schriver, John & Shirley Rowan, Glen & Mildred Sowers, Doug & Teresa Blacklock, Brent Belyea, Hedley & Nick Graham, Laurie Belliveau, Vaughan & Lois Snider, Lowell & Jean Thompson, Eugene & Ghita Gaudet, & Ron & Lynn Jariott (our friends from Ontario).

September 23: We met by noon at the Nova Scotia Information center. The first hood went up on a 1952 Pontiac, a short repair. We had a picnic lunch, short greeting and information / goodie bag was given to everyone. At 1:00 p.m., away we went with Chris & Paula Nason as our tail gunner. We travelled down Route 6, the Sunrise Trail, ending up in Pictou. What a beautiful drive. Some people stayed at the Lionstone Inn & Cabins and some stayed at the Birchwood Campground. We enjoyed a campfire that evening at the campground, thank you Paul Morrison. (Had two break downs on the first day, but the owners were able to get another vehicle and catch up with us).

September 24: We met at Tim Hortons parking lot by the rotary in Pictou. We left at 9:30 am and continued on to Baddeck, N. S. For three nights, some people stayed at the Trailsman Motel and the rest of us stayed at the Cabot Trail Campground. (Our tail gunner, Chris Nason, who looked after everyone the day before, had car trouble. Thankfully he figured out trouble and was able to catch us. Thanks to Ron & Charlene Schriver for staying with them.). After settling in, we all met at the campers lounge and had a big happy hour & pizza party. Charlene Schriver & Lynn Jariott sold 50/50 tickets, AND THE WINNER DREW HIS OWN TICKET, congratulations to Vaughan Snider. Do you think he got a razzing about that!

September 25: We met at the Red Barn at 9:15 am and began the beautiful day touring the Cabot Trail. Our first stop was at Flora’s gift shop. A beautiful stop, lots of shopping and free coffee. I heard the ice cream was good too. Everyone was on their
own for the day. Picnics, pictures, and laughs.

September 26: We were up at 9:00 a.m. and went to the Alexander Graham Bell Museum. Because of the Canada 150 celebration, the museum was FREE. That was a bonus. The museum was so full of information and the pictures and replicas were unbelievable. We certainly learned a lot of not just about Alexander, but his wife Mabel was a very important part of his life and inventions.

Later on the same day, we met at 1:00 p.m. at the Gaelic College. We shopped at the gift shop, looked around the museum, and they gave us 3 wonderful demos, Celtic Music, Kilt Making and Waulking the cloth, ½ hour each demo. Everyone had a great time. After we left the Gaelic College, a lot of us went to supper at a local restaurant and walked the boardwalk. You could just barely see Alexander Graham Bells house on the island just across from the boardwalk. A beautiful sight to see at sunset.

September 27: Day of moving to North Sydney. Just a little over an hour drive to get to The Arm of Gold Campground, for four nights. Some people stayed at Kow’s Inn and the Highland Motel close by. Thank you to Gordon James for hauling our trailer to the campground for us. (our brake booster was acting up in the Galaxie). That evening we had happy hour at 4:00 p.m. and a sit down meal at the Park Barn (was a potato house). Thank you to Paula Nason for supplying and organizing this meal. She served tossed salad, beef stew, bread, tea/coffee. Paula only charged for the cost of the food, so we thank her for all of the preparations. Charlene & Lynn sold 50/50 tickets again and THE WINNER WAS: Congratulations Jean Thompson. That night the campground owner arranged a local bunch of men & one woman to have their Jam session. For 2 hours we listened and tapped our toes to some good music and songs. Enjoyed by all.

September 28: Left the campground at 11:30 a.m. in the rain and headed to the Cape Breton Miners Museum in Glace Bay. Wow is all I can say. This mine is a replica, but they did actually dig the coal out to make this mine replication. To see how these men & boys & Shetland ponies had to work and live for minimal pay. Each tour guide who took us under were actual miners. They know their stuff, and they all suffer with health ailments now. The lowest part in the mine to bend over and work was 4’2”.
(Unbelievable). Some people couldn’t go under because of having to bend over so much. It was damp, dark and wet, but worth seeing.

There was supposed to be a Drive-In movie night to celebrate the Cape Breton Cruisers weekend event, but because of the rain, the Drive-In night was changed to Sunday night, October 1, the day we were leaving, so we couldn’t attend.

September 29: We left the campground at 9:00 a.m. to take the hour long drive to visit Fortress Louisbourg. What a sight to see. Because of the time of year there were not as many reenactments’ going on. But what we did see was so wonderful. Everyone who went certainly enjoyed it. Lots of pictures were taken at the Fortress and the near by Light house.

Also that night at the Sydney park, there were live bands or Rock & Roll music to celebrate the Cape Breton Cruisers event. John & Shirley Rowan went to the park and enjoyed the evening. The rest of us must have been too tired. We all enjoyed an ice
cream social this night after we returned from Fortress Louisbourg. We all made our own banana splits, with all of the fixings.

September 30: Left the campground at 9:30 a.m. to go to the Show & Shine in Sydney. They shut Charlotte Street down for the show. There were over 300 cars in attendance. Quite a few of us won door prizes. It was a cool but beautiful day. Seeing all of the different vehicles and walking down to the harbor by the cruise ship, to see the largest wooden fiddle in the world, was a great experience. A long and busy day.

October 1: The day to leave Cape Breton and head home. Everyone traveled in their own groups. Hugs and goodbyes are always sad, until we meet again. Some of us stayed in Glenholm N. S. for another night. We had to check out Masstown Market. Thank you Ron Jariott for towing our trailer to Glenholm.

HUGE THANK YOUS to everyone who supplied munchies and desserts for our happy hours and meals. Thank you to everyone who helped with clean ups. Thank you for new friendships. Thank you for everything. AND thank you for the beautiful card given to us, signed by all. It was really appreciated. Take care, drive safe, stay happy and healthy. Until we meet again.

**Thank you Paula Nason for making the little travel bags and your extra help with the additional happy hours, ice cream socials, tea/coffee set up and washing dishes**

**Thank you to the Cabot Trail Campground for allowing us to use the Campers Lounge.

**Thank you to the Arm of Gold Campground for giving us free use of the “Barn” night and day. That enabled us to have a place to go chat, eat, play cards, listen to music and have a great time. When some of us only had the little trailers or cabins to stay in, it was nice to have a place to sit and relax.

**I (Brenda) made 44 Bookmarkers from the Nova Scotia Tartan for everyone. (a nice keepsake). Everyone also received a Dash Plaque.

**FYI … If you wanted to find the men, just look for a hood up on a vehicle……it was like one of those sticky fly traps**

See the full album of photos and videos on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/nbaac/albums/72157692557241751

This write up was originally seen in the Feb 2018 Wheeltracks.  The NBAAC publication send out to active members four times a year.