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1948 Chevrolet Fleetline

Member Spotlight – John Nutter & Brenda Sullivan

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1948ChevroletFleetline1948 Chevrolet Fleetline
Owners John Nutter &  Brenda Sullivan
Welsford, New Brunswick



By John Nutter and Brenda Sullivan, Membership #1501
As members of NBAAC, we really enjoy everything about owning antique vehicles, meeting everyone and taking part in as many events we can. We are very fortunate to be able to spend our winters in Florida. As you will read we keep our cruising going while we are away. So much fun!
I am going to give you a little history on my 1948 Chev that we leave in a garage in Florida. On the first Saturday in February 2012, I was at a Show & Shine in Dade City, Florida. That is when I first saw the 1948 Chev. I looked at the car and took Brenda to see it and get her opinion. She really liked it, and besides, purple is her favorite color. So I talked to the owner about the car specs and price…no sale. Then about two weeks later I called him up and made a time I could see the car again, and take it for a test drive. I was impressed how the old car handled. Everything worked in the car, speedometer, tack, fuel gauge, power steering, and A/C – {{{cold}}}, very important in Florida. He told me the car was built in Alabama and he traded a ’54 Ford and cash for it. I made him an offer, which he refused. I put the car out of my thoughts. Then, at the end of February the Zephyrhills Auto Fest was upon us. At that time I owned a 1972 Gran Torino and put it for sale in the corral. (I did sell it). I was walking through the vehicles that were for sale and there was the 1948 Chev still for sale. I spoke to the owners and told them my offer still stands. But because it was the first day of the sale, they thought they could get more for it. I said ok, no problem and walked away looking at the rest of the vehicles for sale. Later that day I walked around the vehicles again, it was about 90 degrees out, and there was the ’48 Chev still there, the owners were sitting in the car with the doors open (they forgot their chairs). I stopped to talk to them and told them my offer still stood. His wife looked at him and said “Bert, take the money and we can go home”. So the deal was made.
Since I did sell the 1972 Gran Torino, I decided to put a little more money into the Chev. It had a painted grill, so I bought a chrome grill and installed it. The following year I purchased a sun visor from a friend from Michigan, and had it painted and I installed it. Last summer at a Show & Shine in Maine, I purchased a set of chrome hub caps for the Chev. This year I found the center piece that was missing from the front of the grill that makes it a true ’48. I also have the hood ornament for the car, but haven’t been able to put it on. All of these additions make the car look so much better. The ’48 Chev is well equipped to cruise. It has a 350 Chev motor, power steering, automatic transmission, vintage A/C, front disc brakes, a Nova front end and bucket seats, not quite original for the year – ha-ha. Our ’48 made front page of East Pasco Newspaper last month (February), at one of our show and shines. So nice!
We have met so many good friends through NBAAC. Having an antique car while we are in Florida enables us to meet so many more friends. We cruise around with five other couples who have antique cars, all from Ontario, and have a great time. One of the couples from Ontario, Arnold and Gail Kerry, are members of the Coasters who travelled across Canada, and they know a lot of our members from NBAAC. It’s amazing when we go to Old Town in Kissimmee, Florida, we always meet up with somebody from New Brunswick that we have met through NBAAC.
At home we also own a 1965 Galaxie 500, which I purchased in Zephyrhills, Florida, and trailered it home. We reupholstered the front seats, put new carpet on the floor, and Brenda had to sand the mold and mildew off the door panels, which someone tried to cover with white shoe polish. What a mess! She then dyed the door panels and the rear seat. I installed new brakes, new tires and hub caps. We also had the Galaxie painted the original blue color.
We also own a 1954 Ford Crestline, glass top. I have purchased new tires and other parts to take home to add to the restoration of the ’54 Ford. And lastly, we have a 1949 Ford pick-up that is a lot of fun to drive around in. I wish I had more garage space, I love the classic vehicles. Last fall I purchased a hoist to put in the garage and Brenda said I bought it so I can start stacking the cars.
We took our ’54 Crestline on the PEI Tour last summer. We towed our newly purchased 1986, 23 foot travel trailer for this adventure. As most of you know it was hot that week. The Tour was great. It was the first Provincial Tour that we were able to take part in. Needless to say, when we returned home the travel trailer went on the “For Sale” market. As you can see by the photo, it was a cute little trailer, but not for us. We had a real good time and met more friends. Two new friends we met on this trip, Paul and Sue Morrison came to Florida this winter and stayed with us for two weeks. They got an idea of how many car shows and events we are fortunate to be able to attend while we are south.
I really enjoy working on my old cars (most of the time) when I have time. We really enjoy going to car events, seeing all the antique vehicles, and meeting the many nice car enthusiasts. Sometimes I get myself into trouble. Brenda never knows what I might buy for a car and bring it home, with Blair Chisholm’s help, right Blair?? There have been a couple of “ugly” cars come and go!!
Hope to see a lot of you this season at some events.