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Executive Council

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NBAAC Club Officers Executives

President:   Paul Morrison 506-832-4156 pjm1@nbnet.nb.ca

Vice President: Clayton Morton

Past President: Blair Chisholm (506) 832-5103 j.b.chisholm30@gmail.com

Secretary: Connie Greene  506-738-2035 grecon@nbnet.nb.ca

Treasurer: Bill Jarvis 506- 855-6660 NBAAC@nbnet.nb.ca

Membership: Vaughn Snider  506-734-2117 vaughnsnider@rogers.com

Area Directors

Fundy:  John Nutter 506-486-2081 brenda_john@hotmail.com

Lower Valley: Monte Merrithew506-363-3936 bmerrithew@rogers.com

NorthEast: Donald Comeau 506- 783-2753 donald.al@hotmail.com

NorthWest: Ginger King 506-273-2510  hopelgk@hotmail.com

Passamaquoddy: Les Hyslop 659-1303 helenles@nb.sympatico.ca

SouthEast: Joe MacFarlane  506-386-3047 amacfarlane113@rogers.com

Upper Valley:  Alecta McClary 506- 328-6877 kbbvw@hotmail.com


Committee Chairpersons

Flea Market Chairman: (Position to be Filled)

 -Flea Market registration:  Brenda Sullivan 506 650 6520 (9am-5pm), or email sussexfleamarket@gmail.com

Publicity:  Jackie Morrison 506-674-2365

Scholarships: Anita MacFarlane 506-386-3047

NAACC Rep: Ron Haines  506-328-6562

Wheeltracks Editor:  Sue Morrison 506-832-4156

Submission for the next issue of Wheeltracks please forward to: Carol Lauder by email at lauder@rogers.com or by mail to 791 Pine Glen Road Pine Glen, N.B. E1J 1R7

Roster & Archives: Jean-Marc Fournier 506-783-7863  arf@nbnet.nb.ca

Web Site Administrator:  Brian Evans 506-457-8771 nbaac_web@brevans.com

Area Reporters

Fundy: Mary A Sears: 433-3750   twohot7@hotmail.com

Northeast: Armel Noel 506-783-1996

Passamaquoddy:  Marilyn Moore 506- 466-3106 tmoore@nbnet.nb.ca

Upper Valley: Alan and Rhonda Poynton (506) 392-8348 sjvfarm@gmail.com

Lower Valley: Shirley Rowan  506-357-3259

Northwest: Rick Christensen 1967belairrick@gmail.com

Southeast:  Donna Powers 734-2967  powerss@nb.sympatico.ca

Classified Ads:  Bill Jarvis 506-855-6660

License Plates:  Gary Doherty  506-454-1966